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Study in France

France, a hospitable country with around 135.000 international students to come here to study. France has many renowned and age-old universities: Paris-Sorbonne ( established in 1179), Toulouse (1229), Montpellier (1289)…………

France has a system of universities including variety of educational fields and all levels. Especially, tuition fees of France universities are partly sponsored so they are not low

  • Secondary schools: at public or private schools
  • Universities: at public universities

Your enrolment attention:

Entry requirements of French: TLF 350 – 400 and above to apply to Visa application of overseas study, school result

  • French: February and September
  • Universities and colleges: September 


  • Living cost: (depending on the areas chosen )
  • Food: 129 – 300E / a month
  • Accommodation: 150 – 350E / a month
  • Transportation: 45E / a month
  • Total living cost: around 350E

Tuition fees:

First year in France (USD):
  • French: 900 USD – 2000 USD ( depending on each school )
  • Health cover: 200 USD – 700 USD ( depending on each kind )
Next year:
  • Tuition fee: 150 USD – 300 USD / a year
  • Health cover: 200 USD / a year

Part time: 

Part time job: teaching foreign languages, restaurant services, sales, tutors, office work, delivery…………….
Salary: 10 – 12 USD / an hour

Other universities: 

Aix – Marseille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille 3, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Perpignant, Poitier, Francois, Raberlais de Tours, Toulouse………

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